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Anna & Gunner Engagements

A few months ago I had the absolute joy of photographing this couple for their engagement photos. All I can say is "awwwwww". Cheeseballs, right? Not around this couple. They are so sweet, so genuine, and so in love!

I had already discussed with Anna that they had some water-themed ideas for their session. Their new homestead just happens to be right by a few beautiful ponds. Now this was the first time I got into the water good and deep (a little above knees) for a session. I fretted for my camera, but at the end of the session I knew it was all worth it and I'd totally do it over again!

They also brought along their sweet little doggie, Charlee, for the session. I've photographed dogs, cats, even horses. It's ALWAYS a challenge. This dog was the most well-behaved little girl I've ever come in contact with! She just sat there and smiled. It was awesome!

I cannot wait to work with Anna & Gunner again for their upcoming Fall wedding! It's going to be so sweet! Stay tuned!

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