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Cameron, Senior 2016

I had an absolute blast photographing this beautiful senior back in August. She is a 2016 senior at Coffee County High School in Douglas, Georgia. She lives on a farm in Coffee County and has a huge passion for cattle shows and farm life, so when she invited me to her farm for her session I jumped at the chance!

My friend Brandi and her daughter Whitley came along to help with the session. They can agree that it was HOT! Thank goodness for Cameron's mom who drove us around the property and kept the car's AC going so we didn't heat to death. Brandi stood by constantly with a towel to blot sweat from Cameron's brow, and even through that she looked stunning!

She also invited us in while she touched up her makeup and her sweet sister cut us all a fresh slice of sweet yummy watermelon! The day was definitely a success.

Enjoy! <3

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