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Kristin & Erik, November 14, 2015 <3

Several things come to mind when I reminisce on the day Kristin & Erik wed. Pine cones. Cold night air. Great dancing. Grandmothers. Shades of plum. Vintage. Whiskey barrels. Gorgeous bride. Laid-back smiles.

Ya'll. O-kay, first of all..... her flower girls...were the grandmothers. Let me repeat that. The flower girls...were the GRANDMOTHERS! (4 grands and one great I believe!). It was the sweetest, cutest, most awesome group of flower girls I've ever witnessed. Toddlers ain't got nothing on those ladies!

This wedding was so fun and sweet. I felt like part of the family the enitre day! Her mother welcomed me right into her home and immediately began offering me food (score!). Kristin wanted a slight vintage look/feel for her wedding day and I think she nailed it.

After the sweet ceremony at sunset, the guests piled under a huge white tent to celebrate and feast together. Several guests danced the night away and laughs were heard all throughout the night. It really was an awesome day.

Congratulations Kristin & Erik! Thank you guys so so much for letting me be part of such a special and amazing day! <3

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