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Brittany, Senior 2016

This senior was really special to me! Not only do I work closely with her sweet mama at my other job, but Brittany has actually assisted me at weddings, family, and even a newborn session (which I DO NOT DO ANYMORE! LOL) I'm so proud of her! She's super smart and is headed for great things! She's planning on becoming a dental hygienist and I think she's well on her way! She just graduated last month and already has several college courses under her belt. I can't imagine being that smart and determined at that age. She's awesome!

Anyway enough gushing over old stinky (yes! That's what I call her). She not only has the brains but beauty as well! When she told me she'd like to take some of her portraits on Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island, I jumped at the chance! We also explored Christ Church on Saint Simons Island, which is always a gorgeous photographic spot! The fun thing about Brittany, besides her contagious, silly laughter and smile, is that she will talk to anybody and I do mean ANYBODY! I had so much fun with her and I really enjoyed creating these images for her and her sweet family to enjoy.

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